Whether you are interested in standard solutions or are looking for something more unusual, this section will deliver. Our strong points here at Kosmonaut are innovation and individual approach – it helps us to attend to clients’ specific needs.

We constantly build a portfolio of bespoke products for customers

We continually add more services, materials and technologies to our range

Dye sublimation

The dye-sublimation process allows us to transfer any graphic or image onto fabric, metal, glass or ceramic tiles. Sublimation provides detail, depth and extreme durability not achieved with traditional printing methods. Creating an ‘old metal’ look, artistic tile mosaic or see-through glass panels is now possible through sublimation and gives those materials multi-dimensional feel.


Our supply network includes innovative equipment and allows us to offer printing services to our clients: large format fabric printing, UV printing and other works. The results are vivid colours and vibrant detail with great resistance.

Concrete boards production

We use a special, patented mix of concrete to produce durable, natural looking and resilient concrete boards. By covering honey-comb panels – super light and sturdy – with just 2mm of our concrete we achieve boards that remain very light but strong and solid. We can easily print on them achieving spectacular results.

Wood processing

The list of products that can be crafted from wood is infinite. Operating in Poland, which is one of the leading producers of this natural material in Europe, gives us an opportunity to offer our clients a very wide variety. Kosmonaut’s production has developed a supply setup that can easily change raw wood into items of use and beauty.

Laser processing

All kinds of laser technologies can be applied for different kinds of materials where complex contours demand precise, fast and force-free processing. Lasers create narrow kerfs and therefore achieve high-precision effects.